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Welcome to Fundamental Investment

Intégre is an authorised Financial Services Provider specializing in the JSA listed equities.

Intégre offers clients two ways of benefitting from our investment expertise: through our Collective Investment Scheme vehicle/s (unit trust) or through a bespoke portfolio.

Depending on client circumstances, we will be happy to compare the relative merits with clients. Ethical, fairly priced Investments for Individuals and Pension Funds.

Intégre is jointly owned by Arthur Thompson, CFA and Ian Dodds. Both bring considerable client need and investment experience to bear - in addition to being genuinely committed to delivering client-centric value.


No 5 Autumn Street, 1st floor, Baobab House, Rivonia
P O Box 1744, Rivonia, 2128
Tel: (011) 803 0613
Fax: 086 524 0783

Authorised Financial Service Provider Licence Number FSP 5683 / Medical Schemes ORG 2320

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