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Retirement Planning: Needs Calculator

1. How much annual income will you want in retirement?  
(Figure 75% to 85% of your current annual income to maintain your current standard of living). R
2. What annual income do you expect from the following sources?
* Pension R
* Part time income R
* Other R
This is how much annual income you'll need to make up for each year of retirement: R
3. To determine the capital amount you'll need at retirement to generate your needed income, select your retirement age below.  
Age you expect to retire: 55
4. We now need to determine the future capital value of your current savings:
  Please enter the amount of your current savings here: R  
Select your number of years to retirement: 10 years
  15 years
  20 years
  25 years
  30 years
  35 years
  40 years
  The capital value of your savings amounts to: R
Total additional savings needed at retirement: R
5. Don't panic when you see the above number. The following amount will tell you how much you need to save each year. R
This worksheet assumes a constant real rate of return or 2.5% after inflation, you'll live to age 85.


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